Hydrometal guarantees its products for a period of 12 months. You will find guarantee conditions in your Front Loader Operating Manual and can be found here.

Please address any claims to your Dealer, who will provide guarantee service in contact with Hydrometal.

For any post-guarantee repairs you can also report to your Dealer or directly to Hydrometal at: hydrometal@hydrometal.pl.

HYDROMETAL Loaders – permissible internal leakage limits

1.Technical features

Advanced control units (manifolds, solenoid valves) are equipped with slide valves. They do not have separate seals, the sliders in these valves also act as a seal. Despite the high dimensional precision of the slider and cylinder, a small amount of oil leakage is allowed, which is also necessary to provide lubrication for the control valve.

This internal leakage can be the reason for the loader arm dropping and the Euroframe swinging in the neutral position of the joystick lever – within permissible limits.

2. Permissible values for dropping the loader arm and for swinging the Euroframe – determined by the length of the piston rod extension of the lifting cylinders and the swing cylinders – are given in the table below.

Permissible drop values

  Lifting cylinder Swing cylinder    
Loader type Load [kg] Rod/pipe diameter [mm] Max. change of lifting cylinder length [mm/15 min] Rod/pipe diameter [mm] Max. change of swing cylinder length [mm/15 min]    
AT-5plus 385 63/36 6,3 55/30 9,3    
AT-10 440 63/36 6,1 63/36 8,2    
AT-20 550 70/40 5,3 70/40 6,3    
AT-30 660 75/40 3,6 70/40 7,1    
AT-40 740 80/40 3,1 75/40 5,8    
AT-50 1000 90/50 2,3 75/40 6,3    
total leakage is the sum of the lift and swing leakage,
assumed leakage 4 cm3/min (according to the manifold manufacturer).
system pressure 100 bar (converted to loader load),
oil temperature 50°C
boom raised 1m above the ground,
center of gravity of the load with the tool, 0.8m away from the frame pivot point,